Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Company

Every SEO consultant would definitely say that Search Engine Optimization takes much time and effort. This is an important thing to consider when hiring a company to work for your site. It is best to stick to one company in most cases. There are a few companies like chronistsempelis that can be your one stop shop in terms of SEO. This is because we have the right partnerships that are able to help us in various areas of SEO. One also has to be certain and accurate of each step to take in order to avoid setbacks and worse, penalties.

In cases like that, all the time and effort you spent will be put to waste and you will have to start not from the beginning but in the road of recovery. This will cost not just more time and effort but more money as well. This is the reason why we are helping you be knowledgeable enough to determine the best company that can help you improve your site in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Reviews and Feedbacks

reviewsThis is one of the most important steps one must not miss before hiring a SEO Company. In various cases, this should come first before even contacting the SEO consultant of a company. One must check the track record of the company he or she is considering before hiring it. Of course, it is a must to be certain that none of its clients have experienced penalties due to black hat SEO strategies. Prevention is always better than medication. Reviews and feedbacks are always helpful in finding out whether the company of your choice have already delivered significant results to their previous clients. SEO takes time so the ratio of the results gained and the time spent should also be considered. It is easy to find out the track record of chronistsempelis since we display a bunch of it on our site and reviews about us can also be found online.


Their years of experience in the industry is the second thing to consider. Remember that search engines especially Google have been changing and improving their search algorithms. It would be better to choose a company that had been present through all of those changes. This means that they are updated with the latest effective strategies, how to apply them appropriately and are knowledgeable about which ones are no longer working.


SEO is not a one size fits all thing. The strategies that could work for certain sites may not be as effective to others. This is the reason why it is important to determine and pin point each of the needs of your site during the SEO consultation. However, it is crucial to know the expertise of the SEO Company you are contacting before doing that. If the SEO strategies or methods that your site needs are not within the field of expertise of the company you are communicating to, then you should consider looking for another one that can match what your site requires. You would not want to spend much time and money to a company that is not able to provide you the best results possible.

Understanding and Efficiency in All Levels of SEO

seo levelsJust as it should be well suited for the site it is applied to, SEO also has three levels that must be customized for the type and end goal of that site. The three tiers of SEO are the technical, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The technical aspect is commonly overlooked by most SEO Companies that offer optimization services. This is actually vital since the structure of your site determines whether it would be easy for search engines to enter to your site and index your pages or not. This is the reason why chronistsempelis offers site designing and other technical services to improve your site.

On-page optimization involves the proper use of HTML tags and keywords. Off-page optimization on the other hand is the one that tackles strategies such as link building.

It is easy to find out how chronistsempelis can help improve your site in all aspects. Our field of expertise, partnerships and other important info you should know are simply displayed on our site. If you are looking for a SEO Company that can help you reach your goals for your site, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation today. You can also communicate with our clients to find out how we are able to improve their site both in optimization and technical matters.