Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Company

Every SEO consultant would definitely say that Search Engine Optimization takes much time and effort. This is an important thing to consider when hiring a company to work for your site. It is best to stick to one company in most cases. There are a few companies like chronistsempelis that can be your one stop shop in terms of SEO. This is because we have the right partnerships that are able to help us in various areas of SEO. One also has to be certain and accurate of each step to take in order to avoid setbacks and worse, penalties.

In cases like that, all the time and effort you spent will be put to waste and you will have to start not from the beginning but in the road of recovery. This will cost not just more time and effort but more money as well. This is the reason why we are helping you be knowledgeable enough to determine the best company that can help you improve your site in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Reviews and Feedbacks

reviewsThis is one of the most important steps one must not miss before hiring a SEO Company. In various cases, this should come first before even contacting the SEO consultant of a company. One must check the track record of the company he or she is considering before hiring it. Of course, it is a must to be certain that none of its clients have experienced penalties due to black hat SEO strategies. Prevention is always better than medication. Reviews and feedbacks are always helpful in finding out whether the company of your choice have already delivered significant results to their previous clients. SEO takes time so the ratio of the results gained and the time spent should also be considered. It is easy to find out the track record of chronistsempelis since we display a bunch of it on our site and reviews about us can also be found online.


Their years of experience in the industry is the second thing to consider. Remember that search engines especially Google have been changing and improving their search algorithms. It would be better to choose a company that had been present through all of those changes. This means that they are updated with the latest effective strategies, how to apply them appropriately and are knowledgeable about which ones are no longer working.


SEO is not a one size fits all thing. The strategies that could work for certain sites may not be as effective to others. This is the reason why it is important to determine and pin point each of the needs of your site during the SEO consultation. However, it is crucial to know the expertise of the SEO Company you are contacting before doing that. If the SEO strategies or methods that your site needs are not within the field of expertise of the company you are communicating to, then you should consider looking for another one that can match what your site requires. You would not want to spend much time and money to a company that is not able to provide you the best results possible.

Understanding and Efficiency in All Levels of SEO

seo levelsJust as it should be well suited for the site it is applied to, SEO also has three levels that must be customized for the type and end goal of that site. The three tiers of SEO are the technical, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. The technical aspect is commonly overlooked by most SEO Companies that offer optimization services. This is actually vital since the structure of your site determines whether it would be easy for search engines to enter to your site and index your pages or not. This is the reason why chronistsempelis offers site designing and other technical services to improve your site.

On-page optimization involves the proper use of HTML tags and keywords. Off-page optimization on the other hand is the one that tackles strategies such as link building.

It is easy to find out how chronistsempelis can help improve your site in all aspects. Our field of expertise, partnerships and other important info you should know are simply displayed on our site. If you are looking for a SEO Company that can help you reach your goals for your site, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation today. You can also communicate with our clients to find out how we are able to improve their site both in optimization and technical matters.

Various Printed Circuit Board Assembly Processes

Printed Circuit Board Assembly involves several processes, depending on the type of mounted PCBs that will be used. It should be noted that PCB fabrication is different from PCB assembly. When a PCB is fabricated, electronic components have to be soldered onto it so that it can be used by any electronic equipment. This assembly of electronic components depends on the type of circuit board, the type of electronic components, and the purpose of the circuit board.

Generally, there are several common things that are needed in the assembly process and these are:

Printed circuit board, electronic components, soldering materials, soldering flux, and soldering equipment. Soldering materials include the solder paste, the wire, and the solder bar. Soldering equipment include wave soldering machine and SMT equipment. There are different processes for single-side surface mounting and double-sided surface mounting, as well as for single-sided mix assembly and double sided mix assembly.

For single-side surface mounting, there are only three steps to the process:

It starts with solder printing, followed by adding SMD parts; the final step is all about doing reflow soldering. Solder printing uses solder paste, a sticky substance and a stencil to transfer solder paste into a bare circuit board. When the stencil is correctly aligned onto the board, solder paste is then applied over the openings using a metal squeegee. Once the steel foil is separated from the board, the solder paste will remain, which is now ready for placement of the SMD. Foil thickness and opening size control the volume of paste.

Printed circuit boardToo much solder paste cause bridging, tomb-stoning and solder balling. Too little solder paste applied creates insufficient solder joints. These all affect the electrical functionality. The last process in this PCB assembly process is reflow soldering. This is when a solder paste is used to attach electrical components to the contact pads. Then, the entire board is subjected to controlled heat, melting the solder. Afterwards, it is heated with a reflow oven, through which the PCB assembly is passed. Reflow soldering, on the other hand, is the conventional means of mounting components onto the board.

For single-sided plug-in mounting, there is also a three-step process:

forming, THT parts and wave soldering. Wave soldering is a process where the PCB is passed over a pan of heated, molten solder. There is a pump that produces an upwelling of solder that is akin to a standing wave, hence the name ‘wave soldering.’ When the circuit board comes in contact with this wave, the components become soldered unto the board. Forming causes inefficiency in the process of wave soldering. It may cause electrostatic damage and the probability for mistakes is also increased. The wave soldering process includes the insertion of electronic components, flux application, preheating, cleaning and testing.

The PCB assembly process for double-sided surface mounting involves both sides of the board. The steps for both sides are: solder paste printing, adding all the necessary SMD parts, reflow soldering and flipping. Flipping is done so that it would be possible to work on the other side. To fully maximize PCB space as well as to improve efficiency, the A side is usually laid out with IC components and the B side consists of chip components.

The single-sided mixed assembly has five steps: solder-paste printing, surface-mounting parts, reflow soldering, adding THT components, and lastly wave soldering. This type of assembly allows for a second heating, which results in higher efficiency. For double-sided mixed assembly, the PCB assembly is heated three times, but it exhibits low efficiency.

All processed boards, no matter what type, are carefully tested and inspected, particularly for solder shorts or tombstones. Then, all necessary repairs are made.

How To Start A Funeral Home

Every day, many people die due to various reasons. Deaths can cause pain to the deceased person’s family and it may take time before they can accept it. Despite being a painful event in someone’s life, deaths can help people make a living through funeral homes and cemeteries. Some students even aspire to become funeral directors and they take up a degree in mortuary science to learn how to embalm a deceased person and manage a funeral home.

Funeral HomeJust like the food industry, the funeral industry is also a billion-dollar industry. It is estimated that this industry can produce 20.7 billion dollars each year. A funeral in the United States normally costs around 8,000 up to 10,000 dollars. You can earn a lot by operating funeral homes, but this type of business is not for everyone. Not all people can touch dead people and prepare them for burial or cremation.

For those who are thinking of setting up a funeral home business, here are the things you should take note of.

Prepare a Budget

Before you start your funeral parlor business, you would need a huge amount of money to set it up. It may take around 50,000 dollars or more to set funeral homes. You also need to consider the cost of equipment used for embalming and cremating dead people. Embalming equipment can cost at least 3000 dollars. Aside from embalming equipment, you also need to have a budget for urns, caskets, and limousines for transporting corpses.

Look for a Place

Another thing that you need to do is to look for a place where you will set up your business. Find out if you have competitors in your chosen venue. If you do not have enough money, but you still want to start a funeral home, then you can lease a space for it instead. A lease for a funeral home business can cost around 5,000 dollars or more per month depending on how wide the area is.

Hire and Train Employees

Before setting up a funeral home, you must have a Mortuary Science degree to become a funeral director. Some colleges and universities in the United States are offering this degree. When hiring employees, make sure that they have work experience and licenses.

Get a Business License

It is not only the funeral directors that should have licenses, but also the funeral homes.To get a license, answer a business license application form and apply for a tax identification number in your state.To know more information visit

Establish Networks

Having connections is also necessary for a funeral home business. They are also the ones in-charge of preparing funeral-related documents like death certificates. Make sure that you have contacts with cemeteries and your city office. For deceased foreigners, it is important for funeral parlors to have connections with embassies and consulates. Knowing someone from newspaper companies, on the other hand, will speed up obituary writing.

Develop a Price List

After getting a business license, you must provide a price list to your clients. It must contain prices of funeral packages and other services. Nowadays, a casket costs around 2,500 dollars or more depending on the material used in constructing it. Embalming, on the other hand, can cost up to 600 dollars.

Build a Website

You will be needing a website in order to advertise your funeral home to possible clients. Your website should contain information that every client must know.

Offer Unique Services

In order to stand out, try offering services that are not found in other funeral parlors. You can offer online funeral viewing to those who are living overseas or sell eco-friendly caskets.

Not Your Typical Lanyard

Custom lanyards are great for use in work, like in the office, school, or as a form of free advertising for companies and businesses. They ensure safety and boost productivity of students and employees alike. However, these trendy straps can have more unconventional uses, and you may be surprised at just varied their uses can be. But first, how exactly does one make lanyards?

There are two main processes by which lanyards are produced. These are through screen-printing and through dye sublimation.

Screen-printing is a widely used method in designing custom lanyards, because it’s cost-efficient, and because the end-products are of the utmost quality when they’re done. First, the desired lanyard design or style is placed on a film positive. Using a silk screen, the image is then printed into the synthetic cloth using a squeegee – the colored ink is deposited through thousands of tiny holes, so that the detail of the image is not compromised. Screen-printed lanyards also known to be more durable, even with constant daily wear and washing.

Another form of making them is through dye sublimation. This process takes less time and less effort than screen-printing. Instead of using a squeegee, this process uses computers to digitally print the letters and images onto the material. However, this form is more prone to cracking and breaking than screen-printing.Now that we’ve discussed how to make lanyards, it’s time to present a few more creative uses for these accessories, rather than the run-of-the-mill work and office usage.

Custom lanyardsIf you’re the outdoorsy type, there are so many different ways to use them. In camping, the metal rings and carabineers attached to the straps can fasten everything – from knives, to metal tools, compasses. Some heavy-duty ones can also be used to secure heavier materials such as a water thermos or cooking gear.

Custom lanyards can also be used in the garage. People who love to tinker with their cars will find joy in the utility of these accessories. These can be used to hang wrenches, screwdrivers, rubber belts, and even power tools. Organizing your garage workspace with these accessories makes sure you won’t lose anything. Also, it keeps these potentially dangerous tools away from the reach of your children. The worst thing you’d want at home is a power-tool accident!

These can also be used as a giveaway. And not just for concerts or even promotions. An unconventional use for them would be to use these as tokens for weddings and debuts. Everyone’s tired of fake flowers, little trinkets, or soap as souvenirs. How about a lanyard that says, “Tracy’s 18th”? It seems out of this world, but using a lanyard as a giveaway ensures your loved ones will remember your personal event.

Another use for custom lanyards would be to use them as fashion accessories. And not just to be worn around the neck. They can be used as a kind of belt, for example. You can combine two different lanyards, fasten them around your waist, and voila! You have a one-in-a-kind belt. You can also take a brightly colored strap and wrap it around your wrist to look like a bracelet.

These lanyard accessories can also be used for sports. The straps can be used by cyclists to fasten their water bottles, by jet skiers to fasten their keys on their wrists, even by surfers, to fasten their valuables within their swimming gear. Hopefully, the extraordinary uses of custom lanyards highlighted here have encouraged you to use them for whatever purpose they may serve you! They are cheap, universally used, and trendy as well. Make sure to buy one today!

Homes for Sale Long Island: How to find the Best Deal on a Tight Budget

Long Island has been one of the most popular towns for those who are looking to be near Manhattan yet away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is also a town for those who are looking for homes that are near outstanding schools, plenty of recreation, and have the right amount of balance between work and personal life. The best part is that the cost of living in Long Island is affordable compared to other towns that offer suburban living.

While it has been said that there are homes for sale long island for every budget, it is very important to still take advantage of the best prices available in the market. The way to do that is to have good research and have the right professionals to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

How are you going to find a quality property that fits your lifestyle and still afford it? Here are some tips that you could use.

Do a Wide Search Online

Avoid wasting time and money when you search for a house – instead of driving from one neighborhood to another in Long Island, use online listings instead. Doing an online search allows you to cast a larger net over the neighborhoods that you already have in mind, and then allows you to trim down your search and then do a filtered search for the amenities and specific nearby establishments that you want.

Real EstateIt would also be wise to do a search with your budget as a filter – most realty websites have a filter for minimum and maximum price limits, and using those filters would allow you to have an idea on how expensive some houses on your selected neighborhoods are. It also gives you an idea on the cost of living for households there.

Look For Neighborhoods that Offer Your Needs

If you are thinking about budget, then one of your considerations should be accessibility of all activities that is necessary for your household. Being able to acquire a property that allows you to be close to schools, groceries, recreation, and your workplace would save you a lot of money in the long run. If that is not possible, it would be best to look for a property that provides you reasonable access to commute routes. Take note that the more centralized a property is, the higher its price is going to be, so prepare to weigh your needs and see what you can do to shave some amount from the price.

Issue of Square Footage and Amenities

Most people prefer to buy properties that have multiple rooms and large square footage, and fully equipped with amenities. However, it pays to check if you do need all that space in the prime property that you are checking online – downgrading from a four-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom one may allow you to afford a property that is closer to a central location. Also, you may want to skip some of the luxury amenities such as the fireplace and the swimming pool – if you need heat, then work on the insulation instead. If you need to swim, think that you are probably just a few minutes worth of drive to the beach.

Some Features May Bring the Price Down

If you want a property and you feel that there are some “improvements” on the property that actually hurts the pricing of the property, do not be afraid to provide a lower asking price. Look for safety issues and also room extensions that damage the original layout. If you are hiring a broker, make sure that your agent negotiates to lower the price because of unwanted features of property damage that may have incurred over the years.

You may also want to take advantage of open houses to see how these properties have been staged or to have a quick look of the quality of the property that you have seen online. It would also give you the opportunity to give yourself the chance to second-guess yourself by trying out the commute going there and checking every nook and cranny of the property.

Take Advantage of the Older Listings

If you are looking for properties that most probably have lowered pricing, then you may want to look at properties listed that are still on the market after a considerable period of time. The time spent on the market provides you leverage in pricing negotiation and gives you a better chance in getting the house that you want for a lowered asking price. Most listings online provide you details about when a property is listed, so you may take advantage of that information.

We Are Here to Help

If you are looking for the best homes for sale long island and you are looking for means to expand your choices, we can provide you the best professionals that can help you find the properties that you can afford on locations that you prefer. We also offer assistance with credit and home loans as well. All you need to do is tell us what you need and how to reach you at your most convenient time.

The Golf Shoes that Fit Perfectly

A sturdy foothold is essential in every game of golf and that’s why it is of utmost importance to choose golf shoes that fit perfectly – the pair should be comfortable, convenient, and within budget. It might be a tedious task, but all worth it in the end.

Comfort and Fit

Golf footwear must be comfortable and should not give any problem as the game progresses, considering that the golfer needs to walk four to five miles each round and stand for unearthly long hours while in the game. Golf is not a mere sport that exudes wealth and elegance; it needs determination, discipline, patience, tactic, and willpower.

Golf ShoesIn choosing shoes, a golfer should go for the pair that can fit the bigger foot comfortably. It is rare for both feet to have exactly the same size; one foot is always slightly bigger than the other one. The golfer can always put an insole in the shoe that is slightly bigger if the fitting is an issue, otherwise there’s no need to add an insole.

During the shoe fitting, it is also wise to wear the usual thickness of socks that the golfer wears whenever there’s a game. Doing so will avoid the inconvenience of guessing the suitable allowance of the golf shoes to accommodate the thickness of the socks.

Try standing on one foot while wearing the chosen shoes. Shift to the other foot and do the same. Try wiggling the toes of both feet while wearing the shoes. Golf footwear should have a tighter fit around the center area of the feet. The provided tightness around the said area can offer invaluable support as the golfer delivers his or her swing. In due time, the center won’t be able to give the same tightness it usually does.

It is advisable to have a half-inch gap between the tip of the shoes and the tip of the longest toe.

Waterproof Footwear

Waterproof golf footwear is most ideal to use when playing during rainy days or in wet conditions. Waterproof golf shoes are more expensive than ordinary golf footwear because they are usually made from leather. There are synthetic leather shoes being offered in the market, but they won’t be able to guarantee that they will give the same protection as original leather all the time. The shoes made from synthetic leather are also not as breathable as the ones made from leather and therefore, are not as comfortable.

The Right Style and Design

Choosing the right style and design is also important in making the golfer comfortable. Awkward-looking designs will still make the golfer uncomfortable even if the pair of shoes can give the right kind of support that the golfer needs. It is likewise foolish to choose something fashionable yet does not provide the needed support. A golfer needs to take his or her time in choosing the right style and design to make sure that he or she will always play at his or her best.

Buying the Shoes

There are different shops that offer golf footwear and shoes are also available online. A wise consumer always takes time in choosing the most suitable pair of shoes for him or her, especially if the shoes are considered both an investment and an ally. There are shops that even offer the same style and design at a more affordable price. Buy from reputable merchants to avoid getting into some kind of trouble.

Golf footwear also comes in spikeless varieties and they are getting popular by the minute. There are golfers who prefer to stick to shoes with spikes, and there are also some who are switching to the spikeless ones.

At the end of the day, the golf shoes that the golfer thinks can deliver the winning advantage are the perfect pair.

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The Challenge of Continuing the Challenge Coins Tradition

Military personnel are familiar with the challenge coins tradition and its colorful history, as intertwined with military history itself. For many years, these coins or small medallions were produced and given to the members of a particular military unit in recognition of their special accomplishments or just to boost their morale, especially during the war. Back then, few people know the significance and value of the coin to its bearer or what it truly represents to these people.

Some people do not even know what it looks like. It is quite understandable if people are not that familiar with the tradition considering that it used to be exclusive for a particular branch of the armed forces only. It was not until just recently that the tradition had extended to other branches of the armed forces including the firefighters and police.

What is significant development however, is that the tradition of the challenge coins spilled over to the civilian groups, including law makers and professionals such as Doctors and Lawyers. Nowadays, civilian groups embark on giving away or selling their medallions to raise funds for a particular cause or to commemorate a special event. Giving away these medallions does not cause much to the organizations since these coins are not that expensive to produce. Depending on your chosen designs and the metals used, you can opt for a zinc alloy base that is a lot cheaper than other base metals.

challenge coinsThe challenge coins tradition was a way of boosting morale of soldiers and commemorating their close bonds developed through experiencing the hurdles and risks of fighting together against the enemy. It was also a way of guaranteeing that soldiers will carry their coins with them wherever they go. Such intents and purposes have already evolved through the years and as the tradition spilled over to civilian organizations. It still serves to enhance the morale of members, especially if the organization is quite distinguished in the area.

Being able to present a work of art as proof of your membership to a notable organization is quite pleasing and delightful. These medallions are truly an art on their own with their notable insignia, designs and color. That is perhaps the reason why people flock to buy commemorative coins to a specific organization’s fundraising activity. They are able to give something for a cause in return for having such delightful work of art.

Through the years, no formal set of rules had been issued governing the challenge. Hence, one can issue a loud “coin-check” to raise a challenge or one can pass his coin to the person sitting next to him or intentionally drop or rap the coin against the bar to get the attention of people near him. Even the penalty for those who fail to present their challenge coins is not that strict, although it usually consists of buying the challenger a drink or round of drinks.

One can even steal another bearer’s coin and the person from whom it was taken from should buy a drink for the “thief”. There are other variations to the rules of the challenge, some of which had generated disagreements between groups and even amongst co-members. That is the reason perhaps why issuing a challenge across organizations was not encouraged or allowed.

Despite the lack of formal rules regarding the issuance and acceptance of the challenge coins tradition, organizations are still practicing it according to their own version. It provides entertainment and a fun way of interaction for the members, which do not deter the genuine value that organizations place on the coins.

Digital Sign Software: The Faster Way to Advertise

Are you a company owner in need of a great but cost efficient way to advertise your products and services? Are you an organization head in need of a way to announce something to the public? If you are in a situation where giving out information in a very quick way is needed, you will be needing a medium to do so. Digital sign software is a medium that anyone can easily access. There are a lot of different ways to create a signage; however, digital sign software is the most common, efficient and cost-effective way to create different signage for your needs.


Digital sign software, or also commonly known as digital signage, is almost anywhere; you may not be able to notice it but we usually encounter it every single day. There are digital signage in smart phones, websites and more. It also allows information to be centralized and be sent to other people easily through electronic means. The immediate effect of having a digital signage would be the reaction that one will be getting from the people that will see it.

It is also known that a digital signage with interactive information is more noticeable than a static signage. The business can also save more time and money in regards to relaying information. Traditional advertisement requires printing a signage which will not only cost more money for production but also more time for waiting the signage to be produced. A digital signage can just be easily uploaded on a digital screen and played over and over again.

A lot of business enterprises and establishments are using digital sign software. This digital signage is often seen in restaurants, where they usually advertise their menu and specials of the day through a digital signage. They also make use of it to show new products and services available. If the establishment needs to update or do any changes with their menu or offer for the day, they can easily modify and update the digital signage immediately.

Anyone who will be needing to use a digital sign software needs a program which is both reliable and cost-efficient at the same time. A lot of companies nowadays are offering fast and reliable software in creating a digital signage.

signahgeDigital signage programs can be used to create a multimedia signage and there is no need for the user to have a previous technological knowledge or background in order to use the program. The interface of most digital signage programs are made to be user-friendly and the different options to create different kinds of digital signage can be found really quick. A lot of contents such as pictures, videos and sounds can be placed inside the digital signage you will be making. Most digital signage programs have zones where in you can put almost anything you want. A zone for text will enable you to provide more details into the signage you will be making. A special featured zone for Twitter is also available for any individuals who make use of social media. Any tweets or posts about the digital signage can be uploaded real time into the digital signs using hashtags.

There are some digital signage programs which can be used in Microsoft Operating Systems. However, most programs requires a more reliable and powerful operating system like Mac. The Mac operating system will help most users to save more time and money since there are no security issues with it and the date for the digital signage will be in a very stable environment.

At a time where sending out information is important, using a system like digital signage programs may be the better choice to be able to get their information relayed with no issues.