Not Your Typical Lanyard

Custom lanyards are great for use in work, like in the office, school, or as a form of free advertising for companies and businesses. They ensure safety and boost productivity of students and employees alike. However, these trendy straps can have more unconventional uses, and you may be surprised at just varied their uses can be. But first, how exactly does one make lanyards?

There are two main processes by which lanyards are produced. These are through screen-printing and through dye sublimation.

Screen-printing is a widely used method in designing custom lanyards, because it’s cost-efficient, and because the end-products are of the utmost quality when they’re done. First, the desired lanyard design or style is placed on a film positive. Using a silk screen, the image is then printed into the synthetic cloth using a squeegee – the colored ink is deposited through thousands of tiny holes, so that the detail of the image is not compromised. Screen-printed lanyards also known to be more durable, even with constant daily wear and washing.

Another form of making them is through dye sublimation. This process takes less time and less effort than screen-printing. Instead of using a squeegee, this process uses computers to digitally print the letters and images onto the material. However, this form is more prone to cracking and breaking than screen-printing.Now that we’ve discussed how to make lanyards, it’s time to present a few more creative uses for these accessories, rather than the run-of-the-mill work and office usage.

Custom lanyardsIf you’re the outdoorsy type, there are so many different ways to use them. In camping, the metal rings and carabineers attached to the straps can fasten everything – from knives, to metal tools, compasses. Some heavy-duty ones can also be used to secure heavier materials such as a water thermos or cooking gear.

Custom lanyards can also be used in the garage. People who love to tinker with their cars will find joy in the utility of these accessories. These can be used to hang wrenches, screwdrivers, rubber belts, and even power tools. Organizing your garage workspace with these accessories makes sure you won’t lose anything. Also, it keeps these potentially dangerous tools away from the reach of your children. The worst thing you’d want at home is a power-tool accident!

These can also be used as a giveaway. And not just for concerts or even promotions. An unconventional use for them would be to use these as tokens for weddings and debuts. Everyone’s tired of fake flowers, little trinkets, or soap as souvenirs. How about a lanyard that says, “Tracy’s 18th”? It seems out of this world, but using a lanyard as a giveaway ensures your loved ones will remember your personal event.

Another use for custom lanyards would be to use them as fashion accessories. And not just to be worn around the neck. They can be used as a kind of belt, for example. You can combine two different lanyards, fasten them around your waist, and voila! You have a one-in-a-kind belt. You can also take a brightly colored strap and wrap it around your wrist to look like a bracelet.

These lanyard accessories can also be used for sports. The straps can be used by cyclists to fasten their water bottles, by jet skiers to fasten their keys on their wrists, even by surfers, to fasten their valuables within their swimming gear. Hopefully, the extraordinary uses of custom lanyards highlighted here have encouraged you to use them for whatever purpose they may serve you! They are cheap, universally used, and trendy as well. Make sure to buy one today!